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paint man

Simon provides unique colour and paint inspiration, to guide you and give you confidence in creating something charming and individual

‘Taking you on a wonderful journey into the world of paint.’

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Simon has owned CMPH for the last 30 years and has a vast knowledge of producing and mixing colors for projects that require a more tailored approach. Using a detailed understanding of pigments and binders, he can formulate bespoke paint colors for any requirements.


Allow 1-2 hours per visit at a cost of £500 per consultation this is then redeemable against a paint purchase over £2000

Paint boards/ Digital specification/ Planning can be provided upon request.

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Using your own inspiration or an item that you would like to color match, Simon can produce the exact shade that you require in a high-quality paint tailored to your personalised requirments

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CMPH has collaborated with Architects / Designers / Artists

On a variety of Commercial and Private projects all over the world some Clients include:

Hay / Tom Dixon / Liberty / The River Café / Wonderlab Science Museum / Matthew Williamson / Cubitts/ Aperol / BARBIE The Movie / The Eden Project

Dyson / Modus / The Young Vic / MTV /  Old Town / Retrouvious / General Electric / Sebastian Wrong / my nan

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