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French Alabastine soft textured wall paint is a hybrid oil/water emulsion, made with a blend of alabaster, lime minerals, cold pressed linseed oil, "Paris white" chalk, clay and pigments including natural ochres and metal oxides. It creates a beautiful and elegant soft translucent broken finish. It is micro porous allowing walls to breath. It is perfect for uneven surfaces and great to create a faded lived in aesthetic.

Made with local ingredients including Alabaster, Paris white, Terra alba, Chalk and Linseed oil. All from East Sussex 

It is easy to apply with a brush just build up the opacity with a number of coats. until you have a soft nebulous finish


Tailor made including bespoke ingredients:

Lime Putty / Linseed Oil / Alabaster / Blanc De Meudon / Oxides / Ochres

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1lt / 9m² Approx


Always stir paint well with a broad stick to dislodge pigment at the base of the tin

Always decant into a paint kettle or separate vessel before using

We suggest using a brush / If using a roller a short nap one is better unless you want an orange peel finish

Do not paint in extremely cold or hot environments as this can affect the application


We are a small batch paint maker and whilst we expect every tin to be the same there may sometimes be a slight discrepancy

When ordering large quantities of the same color always order slightly more than required, due to batch variants

When painting once the final coat is applied you will not be able to 'spot in' over missed areas it will show

Most colors will need two coats of paint if painted onto a pale background

When using a very strong color particularly yellow or orange you will need to paint a white mist coat initially, minimum of three coats to get full coverage

When ordering wall and wood in the same color there will be a very slight discrepancy between each as they are made from different binders

Once made we cannot accept returns on paint as it is made specifically to order

In certain circumstances we are able make slight color changes to orders this can come in at an additional cost and can depend on what color was initially purchased