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Decorate less !! This may be something that sounds odd from a company that makes paint. We do however believe that the most beautiful homes are the ones that haven't been neurotically and forensically curated to death.

Homes decorated with a degree of abandon take on a relaxed ambiance, they are a true reflection of the person. Not an ersatz "magazine style", executed with a meretricious cobbled together, farrago of kitsch. ( OF COURSE THIS COULD ALSO BE THE PERSON)

Decorating your home should be done with a light touch or one can end up making it  look like an over zealous 16 year old, who has just been given  cheap make up for the first time. Spend your weekends like the rest of Europe i.e. with your family, drinking wine, eating cheese, not up a step ladder haplessly hanging  wallpaper you bought in  an out of town John lewis "home" store , because you saw someone you hate with a nicer lounge...